No such thing as Easter without eggs

Therefore, I insist on having an egg search in our front garden every year. I make my mother get up ‘early’ on Easter Sunday and hide some painted boiled eggs and small chocolate eggs in the front garden. However, in order to do this, one first needs… painted eggs! So that’s what we did just now, me and my mom painted some eggs.

I assume many will find this a childish habit, as I am almost 22 and still want to paint and search for eggs, but it’s tradition, and I really enjoy it. By the way, so do our neighbours from across the street. They generally come and watch us search and my mother hide the eggs (in opposite order of course).

Anyways here’s this year’s batch:

Eggies My eggies

I shall describe what you see. On the first picture are all our eggs, we planned to do 10, but one broke during boiling. The ones on the right are my mum’s (the blue, green, red, orange and another blue squiggly ones). I generally paint with a plan, a bad plan usually but a plan. So the top one is a ladybug-egg, its black face is a little more visible in the right picture. The one beneath that is the night sky with the moon. It’s blue I know, but black also didn’t really work, and I wanted blue. The one next to that is called “Nature”, it has a red flower on the one side, grass on the bottom, a tree on the other side (see the right picture, where I turned it, just for your viewing pleasure) and the sun at the top. The bottom one was less planned, it’s basically an egg with semi-geometrical shapes on it, a star, an 8ish thing (I had no more ideas), a circle, a triangle and a bow tie. Well at least we had fun painting right.

My brother said he didn’t want to go search for eggs unless my mum was wearing a bunny suit, so I plan on making her a set of ears in a minute, that would be fine too, he said. Also to give the neighbours even more fun on their Easter Sunday morning.

Wish me luck, I hope to find all this year.. last year we lost 2 chocolate ones.



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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