PJ’s again

I’ve been having a slight problem with my PJ pants in that there is an unmendable tear in them. I tend to have this with PJ pants after about a year. I used to always get pajamas for Sinterklaas and then I’d need new ones by next years Sinterklaas. However, I didn’t feel like buying any this year, as I could only find ones with Snoopy or Betty Boop (and I do not like those characters at all). So when I was snooping around in a fabric closet, I found a yellow bed sheet, the same kind I used to make my short PJ pants. The pattern for that also provided a long-legged version, and since it is winter (or so the calendar says, the weather has not been very cooperative) I decided that those would be nice.

So I sorted through the stack of pattern magazines and found the one I needed and made the long legs and attached them to my previous patterns, I figured out a cutting scheme (this took some time) and cut the bits. I always seem to feel (note, feel. I don’t think it’s the case) that cutting fabric and copying patterns takes the longest. Especially marking darts and stuff, dislike that. However, after a couple of episodes of Glee, my easter PJ pants are done.

I know, I will not be the hottest babe at any sleep over party in these, but to be frank: I don’t aim to be, so all is good. Now to further fight the dress.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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