Sashes Everywhere!


My parents are in a samba-band, which I think I’ve mentioned before. Their colours are blue and yellow. During performances they wear a blue shirt with white pants. On the back of the shirt the logo is printed in yellow. They do have a yellow coat for cold times, but in summer the shirt is enough. Now it was suggested by one of the members that they could all wear yellow sashes to show more yellow. So my mum asked me if I felt like doing that. I (stupidly) said yes. So yesterday my mum and me went fabric shopping, which was fun, and regular shopping, also fun. The night was spent, together with another samba player, making 20 sashes. I have figured out that I’m never ever going to make curtains. Sewing long stretches of fabric is boring. Especially 3 times per sash…

And they were long, I did 8 of 2 meters, 8 of 2,40 (which is really really really boringly long) and 4 of 1,80. First I sewed a bit into a tube with a pointy end, then gave it to my mum who turned it inside out and ironed it. Then I’d get it back and sewed all around it (so 2 pointy bits and 2 very very long bits). And voilà, a sash. After I finished the first 8 and half finished the second 8 my machine decided that I was stupid and it wasn’t going to do it nicely any more. It wanted some rest, well it was 11 at the time, so I was quite happy with that, apart from the fact it stopped liking me of course. So this morning I finished them. Finishing the last one felt so incredibly nice. It was amazing. Here is what they look like on the ironing board, and on me (while wearing my mums shirt):

Sash Me and sash


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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