Evening Skirt

The post title is double true. I made and finished it in one evening (that’s a first for me) and it’s more of an evening type skirt. I made it of the stuff I usually make prom type dresses off. So it’s really shiny and more shiny and quite slippery. Since I half gave up on my pantsuit plan I needed a quick and easy project to make me feel less bad about the defeat.

I used a free pattern from Grosgrain’s free pattern month (link). And I think it turned out pretty well. The reason I chose it was because 1. it was free (I’m Dutch so free is a magic word for me) and 2. it only had 2 pattern pieces and eventually 3 cut pieces. I thought it should not be too hard to put those together. And it wasn’t, easy as pie and fits nicely.

Here’s the finished project:

Scalloped edge skirt

I also made a stuffed puppety thing yesterday which I finished today. I call it a poppy, which is like a cutification of the Dutch word for doll. A co-worker of mine is having a baby soon and it’s going to be her present. I make those quite often since I like them very much. She’s having a boy, which is a good thing since I only have blue fabric. It looks very fat and it is. I have to wash it to unfluffyfy it a bit, but here it is:


P.s. Excuse the mess, I have 2 tables in my sewing room, but one has the machines and the other the mini ironing board (which is what the poppy is propped up against). So I really never have enough space. I also need to clear up, but that’s for a later date.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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