Even More UFPs

This weekend was very productive for me. I finished two UFPs and started a new project.

The first UFP to be transformed into a FP was my coat. I started it in summer last year I think. But I stopped it when I decided it was too crooked. The fabric has a sort of plaid-y look, but I didn’t line them up, which I assume will be difficult with princess seams.
But since I aim to empty my UFP box before the end of the year (I’ve assigned myself that goal a minute ago), I have to work on some projects in there. And I still liked the fabric of the coat so I figured I’d finish it. I made an asymmetrical front, put pockets on and a hood. I finished all the seams and edges with red bias tape (it’s the same colour as the red stripe in the fabric). Here are the pictures, first front and back, then details of pockets and the inside:

Front Back

Pockets Inside

The next project I finished was a petticoat. It’s been laying in the stash basically since I started the frog dress, so two years I think. It was a disaster, since I absolutely hate making ruffles or whatever those things are called that a petticoat are. But I worked steadily, pinned until my fingers were dead and finally finished the thing.

Here it is, I also attached some ribbons on the side to hide the seams but they are not very clear:


So after two UFPs I wanted to start something new (decided I deserved it). So I’m now patching together a pant suit from a free culottes pattern, the vintage blouse pattern and a pattern for some pants (to use the waistband). I hope it’ll work. I’ll show you when (/if) it’s  done.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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