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So 8 days ago I handed in my exam for the course I was taking at home, next to my internship. Having finished the exam meant I had no more homework to do, and lost of spare time. Thus, I had to start doing something else. After reading a lot I felt like a project, preferably a new project. Since I’m sort of not interested in all my UFPs (which is why they are UnFinished Projects), I wanted a new one. This time I wanted to do something different. I’m used to being cold, and covered up. I feel naked very, very quickly. Knee high skirts are short for me (although, those are the only length I have since I rarely wear any skirts). But since I’m changing my life around a little, I figured I could change my wardrobe a little. So I made a top, based on a wedding dress in one of the sewing magazines I have. It looked quite low-cut, but I liked the shape so I tried it with a bit of (I think) black linen. And I personally think it worked out great. Here it is:


It’s quite dark, since I always finish my projects at night for some reason and then want to take a picture as to not forget to do so. I quite like the top, I just took the pattern pieces from the bust part and added 35 (I think) cm of the skirt pieces to it, and it fits fine. It’s wonderful that you cannot see the thread at all since I’ve had some problems with the machine and if you look really, really closely it shows. I showed it to a friend and he thought it was fine, but it’s really strange to be able to see your bra when you look down, I’m very not used to that. Still I wore it today and it was fine, might shorten the straps for a new attempt. Anyways, I finished this one somewhere in the middle of the week I think, just didn’t find time and energy to write this, too busy reading. But today I’ve also worked on some projects, I’ll share later. So until the next.. craft away.


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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