Yesterday I finished what was supposed to be my Christmas outfit for 2010; it obviously was not worn then, since it was not finished. I made a corset of red with light gold fabric with dragons and phoenixes on it. So I wanted to make a skirt to go with it, I chose a light gold-ish fabric for it. I wanted to make a circle skirt, so I did that, but figured it was a little too see through. So I made another identical layer from the same fabric to go as a lining. This was done before Christmas, but the thought of having to hem it all, 2 whole circle skirts, got me down a bit. So I delayed.. and delayed .. and delayed some more. And finally decided to work on it last week or the week before, but I figured that I did not want to hem two circle skirts. So I did a balloon type skirt. But it’s a circle skirt so the outer layer has more fabric, and I needed some folds. It looks like this on the inside:

Folds close up  Full circle

Left is the close up of the folds, right the complete skirt from the inside. So I sewed it 2 weeks ago, but finished it yesterday. How come? You may ask. I had to do 10 more centimeters and wasn’t feeling like it at that time, so again postponed it. Finally got around to doing it yesterday, 10 minutes, I was done. why did it take me 2 weeks? I guess I’m just a bit lazy. But eventually the skirt was finished half a year after I started it. However, I think I made a mistake with the fabric. It really is too shiny to actually wear outside of costume parties, and I don’t know what costume it could make. Anyways, here is the finished product, including the corset and I hope Pentecost was fun for you too.

Finished outfit


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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