From UFP to FP

UFP, UnFinished Project
FP, Finished Project

I think you can see where I’m going with the title of this post.
Today I finally finished one of my million UFPs. This one in the shape of a dress I practically finished over two years ago, only one little thing needed to be done.. The Hem.

I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of hemming. I’m always afraid I’ll make them too short, or incredibly uneven or that I accidentally cut something of that I wasn’t supposed to. But in order to really finish a project hemming needs to be done. And being without a dress form and never trusting my own eyes when it comes to having a straight hem, I need at least another person to help me with this.

So today was a wonderful sunny day, I was reading in my bed for most of the morning. When I finally got up my parents announced that they wanted to go camping tonight with the two of them, so I helped them pack a bit, still in my pyjamas. Eventually I decided that I needed to put on some real clothes. But the only thing I wanted to wear was this dress that I had, which was almost finished, only the hem needed to be done. The reason I wanted to wear it is because it is a perfect summer dress, yellow, orange and pink with big green frogs and red ladybugs (I think it’s supposed to be kids curtains).

Frog Frog Frog with pen

The most right picture has a pen to show scale, they are really pretty big, my cute frogs. I really like the ladybugs too.

So I put it on and walked downstairs to show my mother. She told me that it looked pretty straight and that I should hem it the way it was. So I did, and it worked (I was amazed). Something I’ve dreaded for over 2 years was finished in half an hour. Eventually I also decided to add pockets, since dresses without pockets are like a bike without a key, nice to look at but not very practical. And that worked too, I put in somewhat invisible pockets in the side seams, and even remembered to colour coordinate so they would not be very obvious.

And here it is.

Finished Dress

This is the finished dress

Sorry for the colours, but I wanted to take a picture outside, but the sun was somewhat too bright I think. So the frogs are not really very visible, but they are definitely there.

So what did I learn from this project? That two years ago my sewing skills were abominable (the inside looks like it’s been chewed by something), that pockets next to zippers aren’t nearly as difficult as I thought, and that with a little help hemming is easy. I hope this will help me overcome some fears and hem more in the future. Lets finish up some other UFPs soon!



About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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