Ongoing Projects

So, currently I’m working on a number of projects, mostly clothing. I am currently working on a:
– Red black plaid skirt,
– Grayish brown dress with piping along the waist,
– Black dress with a deep back,
– Bag knitted from strips of plastic bags,
– Gray and white dress inspired by a vintage one I saw a picture of on Etsy and
– White blouse from a vintage pattern (which I’m scared off since the instructions are.. weird),
– Champagne (for lack of better word) coloured full skirt, which needs hemming.

And the problem is, I have many more projects that I would like to do, such as:
– Covering a gray strapless shirt with a lacey fabric (although I haven’t the foggiest idea how),
– Making another pair of high-waisted pants (now hopefully slightly slimmer legs)  and
– A skirt with a waist tie,
– Draw more,
– Do some embroidery (although on what and how is not sure yet),
– Make a skirt for my mother.

However, since I’ve stopped with school I have finished some projects, well I mostly started new ones so the old ones are still lying around. These are:
– Two pairs of high-waisted pants (of which I’ve ruined one the day after I finished it, by dropping super glue on it),
– Embellishing a strapless shirt by creating straps from fabric Yo-Yo’s (Tutorial here),
– Red and black plaid skirt with two zippers in the front,
– Lining my homemade black coat with a yellow padded fabric, so I can wear it through the winter,
– Sewing a stuffed bunny, which is really cute,
– Corset out of asian style fabric.

As you can see I’ve got loads more to do, but not so much incentive. I find it difficult to focus on one project, once I get stuck somewhere. The gray and white dress for instance has some spots of bother around the bust. The red skirt has  a badly placed zipper that gives me a pointed bum which I need to fix and hem also. The grayish dress has a skirt that is not attached in nice way so that needs to be redone too. I always find it easier to start a new project than to finish one. Not the best way of working I know.

Anyway, I think I’ll see if I can mend the red skirt zipper, so I can wear it for a birthday coming weekend. Maybe if I do it by hand it can work out.. hmm..
Wish me luck, I’ll wish some to you too!


About Luus

I'm a girl in my mid-twenties, living in the Netherlands. I like to do creative stuff and I read a lot.
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