Arm Knitting

Since Tuesday, when the yarn was delivered, I’ve made a number of arm knit scarves. In almost all of them, I cast on 7 stitches provisionally, using an arm as crochet hook, and and arm as knitting needle. I would arm knit until I spotted a knot in the skein and finish knitting. I’d need about half a meter or more to kitchener stitch the stitches together.
This ended up resulting in a grey one and a yellow one that are slightly too long to single wrap and too short to double wrap.

For the double wrap blue-cream-green one, it’s a full skein and a little more of another skein. The remainder of that second skein was used for the doubled single-wrap version (right two pictures is the same thing). That was the only one that had 10 stitches cast on. These all did not take more than an hour or so each.

I’m finding that I quite enjoy arm knitting. It’s quick, easy, nice result and most of all, fun. I have another skein of grey and yellow and two of some blue/green/grey stuff that is less thick. So you might just see more giant knits.

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Hopsalots Slippers

I’ve had a pattern on my radar for years now (2014, apparently). Almost since I discovered the existence of Ravelry. Hopsalots is a pattern by Tiny Owl Knits for bunny slippers. The are absolutely the cutest bunny slippers I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve been too cheap to purchase that pattern for all those years. Even though I had already started purchasing 100% wool yarn. This January, I finally convinced myself that I really needed bunny slippers. So I bought the pattern and got to work.

The slipper bases and ears I managed to finish knitting in one day. I also felted them on that one Saturday, but then it took me a week more to actually put the things together and add the little pompoms for tails. While sliding around my house, I discovered some form of anti-slip might be safer. So I went and got some sock stop to put latex dots on the bottom. It still makes me very happy to look down while walking around with those little floppy ears bouncing around.

Purchase well made!

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Finally Finished a Quilt

So I’ve been meaning to make a quilt for, what feels like, ages. I started one in my old house, 3-5 years ago. Those pieces are still in boxes. I started another one in my old house, again, still in boxes. Thus, it might have sounded counter intuitive to buy fabric online and start a new one last September. But that’s exactly what I did, inspired by a picture of a quilt I found on Pinterest (here). I searched for some cute fabrics, hoping that the white borders would ensure that they would not clash too much. In the end, I got enamoured by some fabrics with animals on, that were set to arrive at my house in a few weeks.

The fabrics came in packs with different prints and different colours. In the end I selected the prints that I liked the most together. The colour scheme was light blue and light grey with some yellow thrown in. From each piece of fabric (which was slightly smaller than a fat quarter), six pieces needed to be cut. The large rectangle was 41.5 x 19.5 cm (seam allowance 1.5 cm), the medium square was 19.5 x 19.5 cm and 4 small squares of 8.5 x 8.5 cm. Sashing was ripped from a white cotton at 5.5 cm wide.

I divided the fabrics in four groups and arranged them according to the same groups as the original quilt on a sheet. Some of the large rectangles needed to be turned sideways to fit the pattern, and since my fabric didn’t allow that, some are now orientated unexpectedly. Then I started sewing them all together. This whole cutting and putting down process took about a day (the picture I took dates it to 6 October). The sewing of the top took another day (7 October). Then I needed to decide on the backing, which was extremely difficult, but in the end I got a fabric from the internet with dinosaurs on that had very similar colours to the rest of the quilt. Then I waited for two months before doing anything else..

You see, there was a problem. The dinosaurs were not cut (or printed) on grain, which meant that when I trued up the edges, the fabric did not span the entirety of the quilt front. So I first needed to decide how to ‘lengthen’ the backing. It took until three days ago before I decided. Then I figured I would put a strip of white fabric in the middle. So I sewed that and then centered the strip along the middle of the quilt and sewed it down along the edges of the animal patches. This also determined how I would quilt the thing. It involved just sewing around the animal patches.

After two days of sewing, three-quarters of the patches had been sewn down. Since it was Saturday late afternoon, I figured I needed to find some binding, if I wanted to finish this thing in 2018. Off I went and I found a pillowcase in a light blue that I liked the colour of. Because I am the absolute worst at estimating how much bias tape comes out of a certain amount of fabric, I bought two more pillowcases. This morning I got up and went to make the bias tape. I decided to start with one pillowcase first. This was more than sufficient as it turned out. So now I have the resources to make enough bias tape to go to the moon and back, or so it feels when you are ironing it all..

Then I continued sewing down the remaining patches, having learnt from previous experience that trying to wrangle 1.5 meters of quilt under the arm of the sewing machine is horrible. Less pins were used at the same time, and smarter positioning of the quilt too. Next was sewing down the edges, trueing the sides and attaching the binding. As an extra touch I made a small tag with my name for the bottom seam. Some final hand sewing to get the corners to look nice and the skipped bits sewn down and the thing was done! All in 2018. I’m very happy with finally finishing a real quilt!

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Sweater with Leather

So I discovered that I apparently never posted by sweater with leather that I had mentioned during some MMM post this year. It’s a sweater with an asymmetric zipper that is based on sweaters like in these pins (one and two). I’d wanted something like it for a while, but I think I was scared to cut into it. I believe I based it on the garden party dress top, but it was February when I finished it, so I cannot remember much.

I do know that I got the zipper from my stash where it had been for years. I think I improvised the hood from looking at other pins, but I’m not sure again. I did add some leather bits to give it some more almost nautical look? There’s a bit on the hem, there are triangles at the zipper openings, there’s a bit on the zipper pull and I wrapped some around the hood-cord-ends. I’ve worn it a lot, it’s very comfortable and since its gray, it’ll go with anything. Here’s some action shots from where I wore it at a roller derby game.

That’s all there is too say about it really, since I don’t remember much. However, this way I can link to it if I need to, or when I want to rediscover the pins etc. So I guess you guys are the victims of my memory yet again.

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I wanted more stuff to put on some people’s heads, so I made some!

It started with a knitted hat for a friend of mine. I used the same pattern as I did for the Watermelon Hat, because it’s very easy and very quick. The yarn I used was the few bits that were left over from the Grey Scale Sweater. All knit in one day, which I really shouldn’t do anymore, because my arm does not like that!

The next was made from the left overs of the Plaid Jumpsuit. I wanted to make another cap. I remembered that I had some sort of stiff plastic stuff that was supposed to be used for the bottom of bags. I figured it would also work as a cap. After searching around pinterest for a free pattern, I came across one from Blue Marguerite. I added a little bit of seam allowance, and it since it turned out too small, I needed to incorporate a band to make sure the thing stays on my head. I quite like this one. The lining is of cats, which I also enjoy.

The last one was a beret pattern that I found while browsing for the second hat. I found some black stuff in my stash, sewed up the size 56 hat in little to no time. Unfortunately it’s a little too big, so I need to add some more elastic to the rim to keep it on my head. I still think it’s cute though.

I’ve been busy with finishing some other knitting and sewing, so you may see that soon.

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Three-Piece Suit (part 3 – Jacket)

So, it’s been a while, but I finally got myself into gear and finished the jacket for my suit. I’d put on the new front a while back, and I had sewn the lining, but getting the lining in the jacket.. a whole other story. It wasn’t actually hard, took me a couple of hours over two days after I set my mind to it. The scariest thing was to make the buttonholes. I’ve had buttonholes completely fail before and it was the very last step, also one of the more crucial ones. Luckily it all went reasonably well and the button holes function fine.

The introduction to this jacket was written up in Three-Piece Suit (part 0.5 – Failed Jacket). The jacket was based on Burda 5/2009 jacket 102 A, changes included shortening the body length, reducing the length of the arms and making the front pointy. I also added facings to the lower back edge and the sleeves. I reduced the width of the front, because Initially I only wanted one button. In the end I decided to make too, to make the jacket hang nicer. I really like that it has pockets and I included a loop for hanging it on a coat rack, in case that is ever necessary.

I should probably have worn real shoes for the full picture, but I was too lazy. At least the picture shows the full finished suit. It’s done! YAY!!

I’m quite proud of myself for actually finishing the project and finishing it to my liking, mostly. Now, I just need to continue to wear it. For the future, I still have a couple of sweater bodies that need to be sleeved. I have finished knitting a hat, poncho-thing and octopus that I’ll let you know about. My holiday cards have already been made, they just need to be personalized. Next plans include another graduation dress for January and that’s about all I’m sure about.

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Mini Gloves

Mini gloves were a mini project that was completed in a night because I just really wanted to. The project was inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons podcast called Advantage. It’s one of many podcasts that I started listening too, but it’s one that I really enjoy because they have fantastic storytelling.

One of the characters that the four players have been running into recently is a member of the Hundreds and Thousands (i.e. fairies – I think). His name is Orlander and he’s been both a pain in the butt and useful to the players. At some point, one of the characters promised to knit Orlander mittens for winter. So I decided to make some tiny mittens for this imaginary creature. I found some patterns on Ravelry and sort of fudged something together.

One of the reasons for doing this was that I really wanted to finish a knit project. But the other reason was that the makers of the podcast really enjoy their fans. This podcast, together with another that I listen to called How Friends Roll, have started a mutual Discord (Discord is a free communication platform). I’m a member of the Discord and have enjoyed other fan-art too. So I decided to contribute in one of the few ways I know how to, by knitting. It was well received, so I enjoyed both the knitting and the reactions.

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