Sport Skort Evolution

In December I will be playing my first roller derby game. It is very exiting and very scary. We will all be wearing a yellow sport top with our name and number on it. However, for bottoms, we can figure it out ourselves. I wanted to have something different from just short leggings (or long leggings), so I set out to create a skirt with attached short leggings, now named the sport skort.

The first iteration used the leggings pattern from the striped leggings, taken in along the side seam and back seam significantly. With an added full circle skirt from some strange waffle-scuba type stuff. I had the waffle stuff on the outside. While testing it out, I determined that I liked the idea of the skirt, but since the fuzzy side was down, it kept sticking to the attached shorts. It was also very full which made it behave less than ideal. This is also why it ended up in the closet and is wrinkled in the pictures.

The second iteration took the same pattern, but I overlapped the side seams to each leg is now one piece. The skirt is a half circle from the same fabric as before, now added with the waffle side in and the fuzzy side out. The waistband is still from the leggings stuff, now with an added pocket for my mouth guard. This is most likely the shortest skirt I’ve ever worn outside of my house.

The only reason I dare to wear this it is because it has the attached leggings. This version fares much better and I’m actually thinking of making a second one, since this one is very comfortable. I declare this a success!

For the second version I cut the skirt with the same diameter, but being a half circle vs. a full circle, the waist takes up more of the diameter and the skirt becomes shorter. On the left the first version and on the right the second version.

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Tighten the Tape

The plan to make a well fitting corset has been there for a long time. Collecting different items has been going on for a long time, buying a busk here, some closures there, a box of grommets etc. However, to get the whole thing together, I also needed a lot more things.. Of to the shops & the internet for:

  • Spring steel boning
  • Spiral steel boning
  • Boning end caps
  • Bolt cutter
  • Large ruler
  • More grommets

And probably more, but I may have forgotten the other things. I wanted to draft the thing, so again, on the internet I went. Two tutorials from Katafalk were in the final product: the pattern and the sewing method. It involved a lot of measuring, a lot of line drawing and quite some cutting out. However, I think it worked in the end.

Since I didn’t know whether it would actually fit, I first made a sort of muslin from an old tablecloth. I cut out the pieces and sewed them together. Then I pinned in the boning channels (I don’t know why I didn’t sew them) and added plastic ties. I also used the Bridges on the Body tutorial for lacing strips, so I could try it out semi properly.

I only pinned in the boning on the left side of the corset (right on the first picture), and the difference is clear, to me at least. I decided it fit and cut my pattern out in a green stiff fabric. I cut two layers of that and sewed the thing together. Most of the bones were flat steel, only the ones next to the side were spiral steel. I finished it with black bias tape and black ribbon.

The grommets were the hardest. I had to hit them very hard with the hammer, and I don’t think my neighbours liked me very much at 23:30… The grommets are spaced about 2 cm apart. It’s also quite hard to evenly lace something by yourself, so I was quite happy to get as far as I got. I think it may be a little to long as I need to sit up quite differently from normal, but it does seem to fit.

I’ve also drafted an overbust using a different method, but I need to figure out how to get the bust to actually fit, because it is a little spiky now, bullet bra like. However, so many more projects to start and finish, so I don’t know when I will get to it.

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Warm and Cosy Bunnies Hat

This year I went on an organized five day sailing holiday in September. Since I don’t particularly like travelling, find food scary and am not necessarily a fan of meeting new people that I cannot escape, this was a huge personal accomplishment. The water and the boat were very enjoyable but after a while, I really wanted to knit. Now, I hadn’t brought any knitting, because I probably shouldn’t knit with a crappy arm. However, I decided against being smart and bought a ball of yarn and a set of needles and started knitting a hat.

Now, a simple hat would also be boring, so I decided to add a feature. The feature would be two cable bunnies that I found on the Studio Knit website. I wanted them to mirror each other, so I figured out how to do that. Now, the project wasn’t finished on the boat, but I did finish it. There wasn’t really a hat pattern that I used since I just started knitting. At the end the back needed some pleating, so I pulled the bottom together at the back to create some pleating.

A friend of mine had her birthday, but I couldn’t make it to the party. She has two bunnies, so I figured the hat would be a good fit. It was sent via the post and it did arrive (always a bit scary). She said she liked it, but even if she doesn’t I had a good time knitting it.

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Baby Phoenix

For another friend I made a mini phoenix. He wanted a phoenix at some point, so I started collecting phoenix pictures on a pinterest board. I don’t think this was the thing he was expecting, but that’s fine, right? This bird was inspired by this baby Articuno by Ganjamira.

Anyway, I knit the start of a monster chunk  by Rebecca Danger (free pattern here) without the feet from a yellow fuzzy yarn. Before finishing the top of the chunk, I stuck feathers up its bottom and sewed them down. Then I added some feet made from red pipe cleaners. I cut some wings from orange felt and coloured the edges with a red fabric pen. Then I made a fimo head based on that Articuno.

To make the head, I used a toy eye on which I built the head, and then I stuck two toy eyes in for well, eyes.. I baked it in the oven, which may have glazed over its actual eyes a little. It was then attached to the bird. The bird was then stuffed and the hole closed. I quite like this critter. Look at his face! I’m not sure if it is fully in proportion, but at least it was nice to make.

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Bottle Cover

A weekend at a larp and a new bottle require a new bottle cover. The new bottle was a lot larger than previous bottles and would not work for it’s intended purpose. I did base the design in part on my previous version Invisible Plastic.

After the hat I still had some more of the wool left over and figured it would work as a more or less waterproof cover. I cut out a circle, added some sides and a hanging loop. I needed to attach to pieces together to form a large enough rectangle for the sides. Then I needed to figure out how to close the thing. I the end, I opened up the front a little and keep the flaps to close over each other. Then I added another button to the front and a semi-decorative closure in a vague leaf shape.

I made it somewhat too big by accident and decided to sew an additional seam at the front to make sure it was not too loose. This also allowed me to open up part of the piecing on the front and create a miniature pocket. For proof I added a brownie spoon, it will probably hold a pencil while in action. (note from after the event, yep, it did)

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Robin Hat

A friend of mine had a hat for larp that I really liked. It was simply four pieces sewed together with the edges folded over. It reminded me of Robin Hood’s hat with the feather missing.

So I asked him whether I could copy the pattern. It was alright and I did, years ago. Now, for some reason I never got around to making it, but I managed to rectify that situation on Thursday.

I found the remains of the first attempt at my woolen cape, where I managed to forget factoring in that necks also require space. I cut the four pieces for my hat and sewed the two quarters, then the seam was sewed flat. One had a bit left open to allow for turning the hats inside out. Once the two halves were finished, I stitched them together turned it right side out and stitched it flat again. It was a pretty easy and quick project and I had a nice warm (and probably water resistant) hat to wear this weekend.

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Birdy Waterfall

After the origami cats shirt, I also cut out the pattern from some blue with blue and white birds fabric. This was a very fluid fabric that shifted even more than the cats print. The walking foot was truly essential in this project and it worked very well.

Since I figured out the order of construction during origami cats, this one came together easily with the only hurdle being the shedding of the fabric that made the French seams more difficult. It seems to be a little tighter than the other one, but it also flows very nicely so I hope that it will be good to wear. This one was also spray starched to a plank in order to get it to cooperate, so it will wait for service just a little longer. I do like the print and I hope it will be nice to wear.

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