Pants: Red, Long, Swordfish Butt

It was Hot in Holland. Severely hot, being unable to fully function-hot, melting from just sitting and watching tv-hot. Still, I managed to get my ass into some gear and create a pair of pants. I seem to be getting better at this whole ‘finishing the insides’ business of making pants. There are no exposed seams in this thing anywhere. The sides were finished with the selvage and the majority of the seams was flat-felled or otherwise enclosed. The pockets were edged with the excess of the pocket lining. Doesn’t it look pretty!

The pattern was a version of the plaid pants pattern that I’ve been using. The changes included slimming the legs a little and putting a curved waistband from another pattern on it. There are also a number of belt loops and the pockets are made from the woodland fabric. The closure is a snap and a hook & bar. I needed to add back pockets, and I figured I’d put a nice design on them. So I looked all around the internet and discovered a series of pictures of animals drawn in one line. I really liked the swordfish, so I decided to embroider two of  those on my butt pockets.

I wore them to work, and they stayed up all right. A bit warm but that’s because it was very hot here.

Next up, Pants: Red, Short, Striped.

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Green Apron

What do you do when a colleague asks you to make an apron? You think about it and then sort of forget…

Then she brings in the apron that she is currently using and you suddenly find the spirit to get your butt into gear and get to making the apron. I used a trace from the original apron for the pattern, added some length and width and got to cutting. The fabric is the same as the one I used for the corset. The original apron had straps attached to the top, which came around, crossed and went out through two giant eyelets in the side of the apron. During construction, I discovered that I had nothing that would be suitable for straps (and was too lazy to make them out of the fabric because they needed to be 1.8 m long). So I decided to attach two loops to the top that a strap could be threaded through, and two smaller loops at the side. I also added some extra pockets and then called it a day.

My colleague will now need to find her own straps, so I hope that works out, but I was quite pleased with the thing.

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Graduation Dress Summer 2018

For the last graduation ceremony, I of course needed another outfit. This time I had just received some fabrics from a friend of mine who was not going to use them any more, and I chose those. Since the fabric has a interesting colourful pattern, I did not want to distract from that will all kinds of difficult pattern pieces or circular skirts. So I sought a dress pattern that had a skirt with a straight bottom. This did meant that I needed to gathering, which I usually hate, but the fabrics were quite thin so it worked out.

I chose pattern 41 from Simplicity Naaimode 16. I made a few small changes: added a lining, put the zipper in upside down, took in the shoulders a little (should have taken those in a little more), shortened the skirt a little, did not pay attention to the  instructions for the pockets at all and I added some elastic to the sleeve hems. I probably need to just shorten those sleeves to balance this dress as it is not truly nice looking. The neckline is also way too deep so I need to wear a top underneath, which I luckily already always do. Still, it feels borderline uncomfortable being such a deep v.

It’s lined in a yellow stuff and I tried to have as few exposed edges as possible. Only the pocket will now fray, hopefully.

I think it was fitting for the occasion, but it requires some alterations before I would wear it regularly. The sleeves need adjusting, the shoulders should be taken in more.

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Tiny Knits

I had to travel about 7 hours this weekend, so in preparation for such a trip, I downloaded a number of tiny animal knitting patterns. I figured it was more fun to bring a number of different balls of 5-10 grams in different colours, rather than one big ball in only one colour. In the end I managed to knit 5 little ones on the road and a pentapus before I left. The knit critters were  a crab, a whale, a crocodile, an alien and a pig.

All the instructions were followed completely, apart from eyes which were all made with a thick yarn knotted twice.

Teeny Crab by Amanda Berry and Teeny Whale by Amanda Berry.

Baby Gators by Anna Hrachovec

Mini Alien by Barbara Prime and Tiny Piggy by Amanda Berry

The whole gang together! I have some more patterns, so chances are that a mouse or a sheep or a chicken will join the flock…

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Improvements Needed

Remember all those sporting skorts of which only one had pockets? This is no longer the case. I put pockets on the three remaining skirts such that I will actually choose them. I also took in the elastic on of them such that it fit slightly better. I’m quite happy with this improvement. You might even be able to see the single pocket that was added to these skorts.

The second improvement was to the riding jacket. As I mentioned before, it shrunk in the wash and the sleeves needed to be let out and lengthened. Finally finished this today. I’m not sure why it took me so long to get done. It was not too hard to finish it.

Lets hope that these improvements will help to get more wear out of these items.


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Larp Shirt for Real Life

The larp shirt was finished and wearing it was quite agreeable, so I decided to make another version to wear in other situations. I used the bird fabric that I’d also used for multiple circle scarves. Since that fabric is extremely shifty, I used quite a lot of spray starch to get the pieces to cooperate. In contrast to the larp version, I did French seams throughout, which was a lot easier since this fabric was much thinner and did not fray as badly. I did not put elastic in the sleeves as of yet. I may decide that it needs it, but I first put it in the wash before trying to wear it out.

The ‘string’ used for the neckline is stitched down at the front, such that it can never undo accidentally. Apart from that, no modifications were made. I am debating that it might have been nice to add some more shaping and/or bust darts in potential future versions. I will have to see how this one wears before deciding.

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Short Sleeves for Larp

The weather forecast predicted degrees hovering just below 30 Celsius with no let up in sight. So on Wednesday evening, I went through the pattern magazines stash and found Simplicity 16 – Model 49-52, a blouse with a drawstring top. Traced the pieces, cut out the fabric (leftovers from the long sleeve top) and sewed the thing together.

I used French seams throughout most of it. The fabric frays so badly that this is needed. However, at some points doing that would have made seams so thick that it would not have been comfortable. The sleeve hems are not sown double and the facing is some black bias tape. All in all, the shirt worked quite well which is why there is now a second iteration.. Come back later to check that out.

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