Knitting a Lady

To me, Myrna is a girl’s name. I think I actually know one although I’m not sure of the spelling anymore (primary school seems so long ago..). However, when I saw the OAL posted by Lladybird (here), I couldn’t help but be impressed by the pretty red knit that fellow Outfit Along (hence OAL, I guess?)-host Andi had made and designed. I wanted one, for sure. So I bought it on Ravelry, I believe that was my first time purchasing anything there, and it went well..

For some reason I decided that gray/grey would be the best choice, although I now believe I should have just started a red version. My original Ravelry notes are here, if anyone is interested. I had to cancel on the first attempt because the armholes almost went to my navel. But by sizing down and removing 8 rows where there were no increases or decreases I managed to make something that actually fits, it doesn’t help that my rowgauge is of by about a mile. I like it a lot, although I cannot help thinking about running a thin ribbon through the holes or something.

I learned a new method of knitting sleeves, with short rows already attached to the bodice. I do not wish to return to the old method of having to set in sleeves that were separately knitted ever again. I found I wasn’t dreading the whole sewing sleeves on part, so I’d like to adopt this method as favourite, so far anyways.

The weather on the day I finished this gray thing was weird, one moment cloudy (left) and one moment extremely sunny (right). This made picture-taking even more difficult than usual. But below you can find the front of the thing, and then the front again.


Next we’ll see the back with the cute little hole in it, I adore this feature!


Here it is inside and out (I think, I weaved in the ends so I don’t know for sure anymore), you won’t be able to spot the little ribbon I sewed along one of the button bands for stabilisation. In a later picture this will visible clearer.


This is the set in sleeve, I did a good job I think.


Also that ribbon and the buttons I chose. I like how the buttons almost disappear.


I am very proud for actually finishing this thing, and in so short a time period too! Ravelry says I took a month and a half. Of course it helps that the sleeves and the body were short, but I enjoyed knitting this thing on the round needles. I have cast on another one, I’m not sure yet if that will get finished, but I hope so!





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When one visits the market and finds a bit of fabric that feels like a wetsuit but has giant blue flowers one it, one naturally has to buy it. Right, right? That’s what I thought anyways. I wanted an easy dress with a drawstring waist so that’s what I (sort of) made. I used the t-shirt pattern from 3 hours past/cake because of the cut on sleeves. In hindsight I probably should have chosen a shirt pattern that I had actually made before, since I don’t really like the shape of this one. I haven’t worn my dress out yet, and summer is almost over. It should suffice as a beach cover up though, so maybe it will come in use still, you never know.


Front and the insides, with pockets!


Simple neckline and cut on sleeves and the drawstring at the waist. It’s a bit baggy at the waist so I don’t think it’s muchos flattering, but maybe I’m wrong. You never know.

This was part of a series of projects I finished on a Saturday a while ago but I’ve been busy (and lazy) and didn’t feel like posting much. So soon you’ll see the last entry of that Saturday’s creative outburst and I’ll be almost free off backlogged pictures!

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Graduation Dress

The 6th of June marked an interesting event in lives of quite a few people. The students at the school where I now work, experienced their Graduation. It was one of the first large events where I was working in my new capacity. The dress code was formal but festive for staff, so I of course wanted to make a dress!

You might wonder why I didn’t post this dress earlier. It was done for almost 2 months right? I’ll tell you. I put it in the laundry and when it came out, I found that this happened:


A nice large tear in the front neckline. I was sort of pissed because it had torn, so I chucked it in a corner and scowled at it at times. Well today I finally decided I should just fix it. I did take some full photo’s before I fixed it and once it was done, I didn’t feel like taking any more pictures. Just imagine that the top of the dress is finished like this:


Here is the full view, back and front. As you can see I made some ties to reference back to the skirt. I also faux piped the back, I quite like it.


Here are the insides, I fully lined it in some white bed sheet and blue spotted poly something. For some reason the lining seemed to peek below the dress, but I found that some ironing helped a lot.


I made in seam pockets that were not in the pattern or the first version of this dress (here). I also removed the pleats from the pattern, also because I had limited fabric. Those pockets almost disappear, but they are really handy for putting stuff in.


Lastly, look at the neatness of the basque point and top of the zipper! I’m really proud of those.


So there was a bit of a delay in this dress. I hope it survives the next washing and if not, it will end up in the trash, because I’m fed up with fiddling with it. I also finished two other projects today. You’ll see those soon. I hope you are enjoying the summer too!


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Moving Fabric

I’ve wanted to make something the Dutch call a ‘tuinbroek’ for a long time now. A tuinbroek, from the Dutch word for garden,  is called dungarees in English. Pants with flaps at the front and back and straps over the shoulder.

For my plan to work I first needed to find a pants pattern that would fit, such that I could add the front, back and straps. I eventually settled on the pattern I used for my green and gray pants. I tried to remove the pleats in the front because I didn’t like them for my dungarees and shortened it to knee level. Found my fabric, a bright red linen type stuffy that I’ve also made this bag from, and cut it out. That was 2 to 3 months ago. Guess what has been wadded up inside a bag for quite a while…

Now, it is presently extremely hot in the Netherlands, so hot that I needed something short to be able to survive the heat. So I continued on with my dungarees. Also because I felt a bit guilty that it had been left in the plastic bag for so long already. I first made the pants bit, where I found out that I hadn’t removed enough of the pleats so I still had to make some anyway, otherwise it would just fall straight off my bum.

Zip, pleat, pocket Zip and side

You can see the pleat next to the zipper, it’s on an angle because I liked the look of that better. I also made belt loops in case I want to wear a sash or belt. This is the only side that opens, the other is completely closed. It opens by means of a zipper and two sets of hooks & eyes.

Tuinbroek insides back Tuinbroek insides front

When I had finished it all, including the top pocket, back pockets, belt loops and serged all the insides, I had to decide on the length. It was really hot so I decided to chop it all off. It’s pants, so basically still having a bit of inseam would be decent enough. I was wondering if I wanted to have turn ups, so I made those first, the plan being to allow me to turn those turn ups in or out depending on my mood. I didn’t like them out so I decided to stitch them down. This made the inseam the perfect length of 11 cm.

Tuinbroek inseam Front pocket

All in all, I like them. I might possibly need a little bit more  room in the butt area, but I’ll see if I can change that in the next iteration of this pattern. I really like this pattern so I’m guessing there might be more in the future. This is how they look on me, completely finished.

Tuinbroek front Tuinbroek back

I have already started a new project involving some stuff that feels like a wet-suit. I just hope that project will not take as long as this did.

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Those Slippers

So, ever bought a knitting book, found a fabulous pair of knitted house slippers in them and proceeded to knit them up and make them hideous in the process? I have. See the wonderful example below for the gorgeousness I managed to ruin completely. The book is called ‘Breien’ written by Jaroslava Dovcova, and I bought it for approx. 4 euros at the Action.

July 2014 slippers      July 2014 slippers 2

The reason they are now hideous is because I chose the worst shade of old people beige to knit them with. After I’d finished the first, I decided that the  as done in the example was much nicer, so I decided to purchase some fluorescent green. The plan was to frog the first one and knit it again, but I’ve decided I’m lazy.

I’m so lazy that I haven’t actually weaved in the ends and have still worn them plenty of times. There are some redeeming qualities of this project though; 1. they are warm, 2. they are easy to knit (it’s a one-nighter) and 3. they match my new second-hand grandma chair perfectly!

Here is the finished product. You can see the threads still dangling inside them. I will wear them until they fall apart because I failed to finish them properly. I might then finish them properly, who knows..


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Changes, Again and Socks

Changes, not the things I like most in my life. Some happened, I needed to deal with them. I did, mostly.

Now, you may think that something bad happened, but that was not the case. On the first of May 2014 I started my new job at my old University. This involved a move and the leaving behind of my old life, both living at my parents and when I used to live here before. It’s difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m not a student here anymore. I’m in some ways further removed from the school than when I was attending it, and in other ways closer than ever before. New stuff scares me and I’ve been busy adjusting to my new life.

House emptyHouse full

While I may not have been active at my own blog so much, I have been making some things. I made a bird to put on a key chain, but I have since given away said key chain without taking a picture, so that was stupid.
One of my friends and coworkers (friend first) had her birthday and I decided, the day before that I wanted to knit her a recordersockthing. She had her recorder in a regular sock and I decided it could use an update.

Not long before I had bought a book on knitting and had knit slippers (next time, my dears, next time). I also remembered that there was a pouch for glasses with a cat on it in the book. I was supposed to be taking care of her cat for a week when she was on holiday so I thought it appropriate to knit the cat.

The pattern stated that I was supposed to sort of weave in thread over the knitted base to form the cat picture. I decided to completely ignore that and learn myself some colour work. So I did, and I think it turned out quite well! I was going to make it a spitting image of their cat, but knitting it took a bit longer than anticipated so I didn’t have time to add the tiger stripes. This is the front and back:

Cat front Cat back

The insides are on the left. On the right you see a close up of the little cat button I’d scored at some point in my life and was precisely big enough for the hole I’d made and it had another cat. Double win, right? *cough*

Insides Inside

Honestly, I think it’s not bad for a night’s work. I do hope that non of you own the same book, because I’m worse than a pre-schooler at counting and managed to lose an entire.. column? A vertical row, so my cat is a little different from the original, but it still looks like a cat. In my eyes at least. Now we’ll see how it’ll hold up to real life…

Also, hang on for next time when I’ll show the fantastic ‘8 squares slippers’ I’ve made from that same knitting book.

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Raaawr! Sort of, anyways.

I made a bear! While I should actually be working on redoing some of the final bits of my backpack, I decided that last weekend would be the perfect time to make a teddy bear! I found the pattern on How Joyful (here). The instructions are scant but fine to work with. The only trouble I had, was with the ease in the legs but even more so with easing in the back of the arms into the front. So this was partly fudged but in the end it seemed to work out fine. I half scaled the pattern so my bear is approx. 30 cm high. I did make a few changes. I wanted a mouth-bit that was more straight across than rounded and I flattened his tummy a bit. I made his tail in the contrast fabric. I decided to make his nose out of the main fabric and lightly stitch it on. Lastly, I used his back seam for stuffing instead of the neck-body seam. This made more sense to me and was easier to machine. Here he is!

Front Back

I mostly finished him, apart from eyes, mouth and stuffing seam last weekend, he only needed to wait for me to buy him some eyes, so I could finish his face. The eyes are very strange. They have a screw like bit at the back, and a ring you clip on. Once the ring is on, it will stay on, so there’s only one chance of doing it right. Luckily I did it right the first time, so I didn’t have to sacrifice any eyes. I bought a double set because I’m thinking of making another one, but then with rabbity features, since I really like rabbits.

Eyes Face

Now I need to find a fix for my backpack and then I’ll get to use it in two weeks time, so exiting! Presently I’m going to cuddle this bear and celebrate the King’s Birthday!

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