Another Hat

What do normal people do when their ears are cold? They find something to cover their ears, something from their cupboard maybe? Not me, oh no, not me. I decide to turn the scarf I’m knitting into a hat, that was much faster  than walking to the closet, not …

However, the hat making exercise had good results, if you ask me. I was knitting a scarf from a thick acrylic yarn (100 m per 200 gram), 15 stitches or 17.5 cm wide, in seed stitch, I think. I had finished about 40 cm of scarf before I transformed it into a hat. The method I chose was simple, measure the head and knit that much in seed stitch. Then I picked up stitches along one of the longer ends and knit 4 rows of 1×1 rib and bound off in a stretchy bind off. I seamed the back together and ‘gathered’ the top edge with the leftovers of the seaming yarn. I then made a nice little pompom because I still had yarn left over. I attached the pompom to the yarn and had a nice, warm, slouchy, green hat.


My forehead and nose are still extremely interesting. I get it. Anyways, it’s a much richer deeper green in real life. However, the light in the winter is crap and the flash didn’t make it much better. So trust me that the colour is actually pretty wonderful.


And this is the back seam (somewhat to the left of the centre in this picture) and the cute pompom on top. It actually dangles on a bit of yarn so it can bounce around and everything.

I still have a top hat that I need to update in some way. It’s really old and quite dusty and dirty, so you may get another hat post in the future. But don’t keep your fingers crossed. I’m slow in starting daunting projects.. I do have another knitted project that I need to show, but because I’m celebrating the holidays soon I might not get around to it.

In the spirit of Christmas or whatever holiday you prefer to celebrate, I wish you some very nice days and a fantastic new year. Enjoy crafting and being hopefully creative!


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‘Keep-the-hair-out-of-my-face’-device or Caul

For my larp character I wanted something easy to keep the hair out of my/her face. Since I cut my hair it’s much more difficult to braid it out of the way. While the events aren’t for a while yet, I figured it smart to start in time. Especially since I’ve been dreaming about a completely new costume. So I wandered around the internet, as you do, and found this. It seemed easy, I had a bit of fabric I didn’t mind trying a trial run in but also liked for a final product if it would work, so I got to work.

I first .. read the instructions. I know, the deal is to ‘if everything else fails, read the instructions’, however, I’ve never been that type of person. I put ikea furniture together using the actual instructions, even if there are only 2 pieces and it’s obvious how they go together. Anyways, I got out a plate and cut a circle-ish shape out. The fabric was very, very shifty so it was an approximate circle, which didn’t matter much. I did have to place it partially on two of the stripes in the fabric, but I don’t mind the effect.

Sewed it up following the tutorial until I needed to sew about 3/5 of the whipstitched edge. Then I figured I needed to go get hair clips of some kind to keep the thing on my head and deserted the total project. (I do that way to often, abandon something very close to the end.) Well yesterday I decided to pick the project up again and in the time it took to cook my meal and a little more I finished my cowl. Check that puppy out below:


These are the front and back on my head. They are held on by clips as can be seen below:


Also, no exposed seams within this thing, which is pretty neat if you ask me. It’s also supremely comfortable and it will keep my hair on the back of my head if I put it on correctly. This makes it much easier to run around than with hair flying everywhere. Lastly, below the stripes on the sides, these run vertical as you can also see in the right picture(s) above.


Left is left for me and right right (I thought about that).

I seem to be in a head-cover mode lately, have a look tomorrow at the creation I finished today.

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Cluck Cluck

What do you get when you put three exited girls in a quilt shop? MAYHEM!!

I went to this quilt shop a while ago with two friends. One of them and myself found a large wicker basket (a meter high) filled with small pieces of quilt fabric with a note attached that turning it over was allowed. So after we went around the shop and saw a myriad of nice designs on the walls, we turned over the basket. We touched, looked at and judged all of them and all of us took a few of the scraps home with us.

One of the designs I saw was a log cabin chicken. Log cabin is a type of arrangement of strips of fabric that forms a square eventually. The chicken is two of these log cabin ‘blocks’ sewn together to form a chicken. I knew I wanted to make one, but I also knew that I didn’t really want to put it out in my house somewhere. Then after a miserable Tuesday where it felt like everything went wrong, I knew what to make the chicken for. That Tuesday was the day I forgot my key in the house and the people who have a spare were both gone. Clearly I needed someone else to have my key and I figured I had to make a key chain. I used some of the scraps from a ‘foot of the bed quilt’ I’m currently making for the chicken.

It’s all hand sewn and the beak and head thing are felt. I think it’s cute.

Chick other side Chick side

I saw some examples on the internet that had a tail attached, which I thought was really cute so I added one too. I had to look up how to sew the chicken together because I couldn’t remember it from the top of my head. Luckily patterns for things like this are abundant.

Chick back

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I guess I’m one of the few who looks through her uploaded picture files on her blog and then notices a project that she completely forgot about. I still like this thing so I’m going to show it here anyway. This was made in A few years ago, a friend of mine celebrated her birthday. We were asked to show up in medieval type clothing, so that was the first time I really wore this dress out. However, it was November and cold. I was feeling a little under the weather and the dress wasn’t very warm in the neckline area. Some other friends had brought a very warm fake-fur pullover.


This was the first time I decided that I needed something  fake-furesque and warm to pull over any too cold clothing. I had thus been looking for something affordable for about 1.5 years. What I eventually found was a blanket. I wanted a hood, so I also got myself a pillow case. The finished project is smaller than the original example. It looks like this:

Cape back

It is basically a blanket folded in half with a cut out in the middle where a hood is attached. I wanted it to be closed on the sides but I also wanted it to be able to open to cover my bed if it was very cold during the night. I had a long hard think about this (read, 3 minutes) before I decided I would use buttons to close it. What you can see below is the monster closed and opened. I like the versatility that this offers.

 Cape flat Full out

Below is the inside of the cape. If you look very carefully you can see 5 black closures on both sides of the cape. They are basically a button on one side and a loop on the other, which can be seen on the right. I lined the hood in more fleece so it’s nice and warm. The hood was really large and sort of fell of my head so I eventually added another button there to be able to close it.

Cape insides Buttons

I am currently wearing it and it’s really warm! I quite like it but for the next time I will find a larger blanket/piece because my arms are only half covered.

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Prompted Crafting

I have been busy over the past weeks. I’ve been busy knitting (a sweater, I now only need to do the one sleeve and shorten the other sleeve), quilting (making the top for a bed-foot quilt) and embroidering (what you will see in a little bit). What I will show you today was made over the course of 1 evening after having tidied up all my sewing stuff.

This was because I found my embroidery floss and a loop. Then I remembered that a friend had complained that the toilet seat came down on him when he was trying to pee. This is of course a very dangerous situation, pee might go everywhere! (This is dangerous because cleaning is not my most prized hobby, so I’d rather avoid it where not necessary). However, it isn’t always immediate obvious that the seat will come down again. I blame it on the house that is as crooked as a witches nose.

Click on the video to see what I mean. Do not that there is a toilet in  this video, so if you.. hate toilets, it’s not safe to watch.

Now, I decided that I had to protect myself and the male population from this annoying fact, so I made a nice little embroidered piece of wisdom to hang above the toilet. My bathroom has about 25 things where I can something, so there was bound to be space somewhere.


It says: “Boys, please sit or be surprised by the lid!”. Lid rhymed, even though it should be “seat”. Cheer for some inaccuracy (I prefer the rhymyness over the accurary)! I quite like these one-night-quick-fix-projects. However, let me try and finish the sweater before real winter sets in..

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Deadline Work (6) – Backpack Finished!

Last but not least, the backpack. The backpack has been chronicled before (here, here, here, here), but I didn’t post the finished thing. I think that was because I wanted to test run it to see what improvements were needed. I only found two, the closures were not tight enough so there was some movement and the pack didn’t close easily. In the .. say 2 hours before I left for the event and on the car ride there I managed to get those issues sorted.

The solution to the first problem was to stitch the little round bits down further. Now they are attached over about a centimeter instead of the single line in the middle they were before. This worked very well when tried out in real life larp. You can just about see it in the picture below.

Updated closureThe solution to the second problem was to attach a small tie to close the front and the back. This was easily incorporated and works very well as a simple closure.

New closure

Now, as you may have gathered, I gather a lot of stuff. I like to store all that stuff somewhere and that was what the back was for originally. This is what it looks like when all the books and papers are taken out. It is almost full when all of that is also in there.

Flap Insides 3 Insides 2 Insides 1

Last but not least, the front and back. I’m very happy with those straps, they carry very nicely and were a nice copy of some straps of another backpack that I own. I’m still very surprised that that worked out as well as it did.

Back Front

And now the working to a deadline saga has finished. I’m going to see if I still have inspiration to actually make something in the coming days. As always, keep getting creative!

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Deadline Work (5) – Apron

I used to wear a shirt with a lot of pockets when I went larping (here). However, I found out that this was not very practical. It made a lot of noise, I lost a lot of stuff and running was extremely difficult. That’s why I decided to make the backpack. The skirt did have some redeeming qualities, namely the two large front pockets where I could store my books. After testing out the backpack at the last event, I discovered I really wanted those pockets back. So I made an apron. With pockets.

I went through my ‘do something with this you were unsatisfied the first time around’ box, which has bits and pieces of discarded projects to find the skirt portion of this dress (here). I removed the centre back panels and zipper and created ties out of the panels. I can probably reuse the zipper in the future. I hand hemmed the sides of the apron and attached the ties. I found some brown home dec-ish stuff and made two large pockets. I embroidered a raven on one of the pockets as my character is a firm believer in the god Raven (of knowledge). It’s a very faint outline, but I know it’s there.

Raven embroidery Embroidery

I also attached some small leftover pockets to hold my pencil and other small bits that might be handy to keep close. This is the finished thing, front and back:


And this is me in full costume. You can see the shirt, the apron, some belts and other things I wear. I’m quite packed with stuff, while some others wander around with practically nothing. To each their own, as they say.

Call 35 1

You can just see the straps of my backpack, I’ll finally post the last update on that backpack as the last entry in this series.

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